Sharon Hawley
Certified lyengar Yoga Teacher

Pelvic Floor Workshop

Yoga Society
2872 Folsom Mission District
San Francisco

Saturday, June 8, 2-4:30pm

Can we talk pelvic floor? Prolapsed organs? Incontinence? Pelvic pain? A healthy pelvic floor is not too loose or too tight. It is strong, stable and flexible. Many factors may contribute to an unhealthy pelvic region: poor postural habits, scoliosis, a perpetually tucked pelvis, constipation, aging, child birth and shallow breathing are among them. Yoga can improve pelvic floor dysfunction. Let’s create a nurturing space to explore these issues together!

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Public Classes - All Levels

Yoga Society
2872 Folsom Mission District
San Francisco
Saturdays 10:30 – noon

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Armando Luna Yoga
800 Innes Ave, San Francisco
In-studio only
Sundays 10:45am – noon

Sliding scale
-Class rate for a one-month-long series is $65-$75.
- The rate for a drop in/single class is $17-$20.

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Jewish Community Center of SF
3200 California St
In-studio Only
Sundays 8:45 am – 10:00 am

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For Private Sessions or Substitution

Please contact:
(415) 948-5912

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