Sharon Hawley
Certified lyengar Yoga Teacher

Public Classes

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“Hybrid in-studio/Zoom”
Friday and Wednesday
9:00 – 10:30 am Pacific Time
Saturday, 10:30- noon Pacific Time

These classes are designed for a range of yoga students. We will practice standing poses, seated poses, forward and backward extensions and inversions at your level. In studio we will use a range of props to explore poses; on Zoom, we will use what you have at home to access the poses

Iyengar Yoga Mixed Level Course

Located at Armando Luna Yoga Studio
800 Innes Ave. #11 (Bayview San Francisco)
In Studio Only
10:30-11:45 am

In this course we will work progressively to find stability in our body and steadiness in our intelligence so that our spirits can soar! Absolute beginners welcome? Please bring a mat.

Summer Introductory Course Hybrid Class 2022

July 24th to August 28th
1:30-2:30 Pacific Time
Yoga Sutra 1.1 atha yoganusasanam

The very first yoga sutra is variously defined as now the practice of yoga begins. B.K.S. Iyengar interprets: “Now follows a detailed exposition of the discipline of yoga, given step by step in the right order, and with proper direction for self alignment.” Mr. Iyengar emphasizes that yoga is a progressive, systematic practice that leads one down a path of self exploration. Now we begin to awaken.
I will introduce a variety of postures or asanas designed to develop mobility, flexibility, strength and balance. This class will work progressively in terms of one asana preparing you for another and each new class building upon the ones that came before. My aim initially is to help you improve body structure and enhance freedom of movement. If you opt to continue your practice, it may well prepare you not only physically, but also mentally to penetrate consciousness and perhaps ultimately achieve peace of mind.

But one must start… at the beginning!

Introductory classes are not Beginner Classes. Introductory classes move fairly quickly and, thus, may not be appropriate for those recuperating from illness or working with prolonged injury. They are appropriate for those without yoga experience.

For those working via Zoom, the following props may be very helpful: a yoga mat, a wall, 2 yoga blocks, a yoga strap, blankets, a bolster and a chair. One can substitute objects found around the house for props such as towels, firm pillows and a kitchen chair.

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